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IO-Link Hydraulic Cylinder Position Feedback

Guest contributor: Scott Rosenberger, Balluff Ready for a better mousetrap?  Read on….. Some time ago on Sensortech, we discussed considerations for choosing the right in-cylinder position feedback sensor.  In that article, we said: “…….Analog 0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA interfaces probably make up 70-80% of all in-cylinder feedback in use…..” And while that 70-80% analog figure

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Twelve tips for better cylinder selection

Guest contributor: Marty Hegyi Product Manager, Cylinders, Bosch Rexroth Corp. Here’s how to design hydraulic cylinders that improve performance, last longer and cost less. Hydraulic cylinders harness fluid pressure and flow to generate linear motion and force, and they work well in both industrial machines, like presses and plastic-molding machines, and in mobile equipment, like excavators and mining trucks. And

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